The Deporte Mutual Firearms Protection option covers Queensland Members for up to $25,000 worth of protection for firearms and fixed firearm accessories.

Deporte Mutual Firearms Protection covers you for firearms registered to your firearms licence, including antiques and collectables, and any fixed firearms accessories, such as scopes and slings, both in the home and while in use. Deporte Mutual Firearm Protection covers firearms and fixed firearm accessories for theft or loss. Deporte Mutual also covers you when travelling overseas for up to 28 days.

Log into the SSAA Queensland Membership Portal below to take out Deporte Mutual Firearms Protection or give our SSAA Queensland Memberships Team a call today on 07 3492 9237.  We are here to help.

Mutual Firearms Protection

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  • I want to add/renew Deporte Mutual Firearms Protection before my next renewal is due.
  • I understand that by adding Deporte Mutual Firearms Protection, I will receive $25,000 firearms and fixed accessories protection that applies until my next (annual) membership renewal.
  • I understand that the $35 cost is a flat fee that applies until my next (annual) membership renewal.
  • I confirm that I have received and read the Deporte Mutual Firearms Protection Statement of Protection.